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This document will cover navigation, basic use, and some tips & tricks of your new set-up. This is a growing document and more cool stuff will be added soon, so check back!
Where to begin
Where is the Installed All Out TV app?
Where to Start
Search / Play Movies / Shows
Add Movies / Shows to My Movies / Watchlist
More Info
What is Placenta,Genesis, and Incursion?
How to change / add location of Weather
What is this pop-up, "To play this video, authorization is..." ?!?!

Maintence & Troubleshooting
Screen to big/small. Adjust it!
Some cool tips & tricks (coming soon)
• Progress in Neptune Rising
• Episodes in Neptune Rising
• Queue item
• Add a useful shortcut to your favorites

Where is the Installed All Out TV app?


You installed / have All Out TV (AOTV) but don't see it on your Fire TV home screen. Much of the time FIre TV does not put newly installed apps on the Fire TV home page. Simply locate the All Out TV app and move it "to the top" of your installed apps so it will always appear on your Fire TV home page.

From the Fire TV home page:
  1. Press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote. Fire TV Home Button
    • TIP: This is a quick way to switch back and forth between apps, quickly get to Settings and TV Mirroring.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll down to the All Out TV app and highlight it. All Out TV Icon
    • Don't select / open it, simply highlight it.
  4. On your Fire TV remote, press the Menu button. Fire TV Menu Button
  5. Select Move to Front.
  6. Now your All Out TV app will appear on the front of your apps section / row on your  Fire TV home page.

Where to Start


  • You have your new set-up installed. You're at the All Out TV home page. What do you do next? You scroll down to and select the Star / Favorites icon, Favorite Icon 90% of everything you need and do will be through the Star / Favorites.
AOTV Favorites

  • After clicking / selecting Favorites, the Favorites menu appears to the right. Almost everything you need and do will be here in Favorites.
  • My TV Shows
    • When you add specific TV Shows to your Watchlist (via Trakt Manager), they will appear in My TV Shows for later watching. You're own personal television series queue
  • My Movies
    • When you add movies to your Watchlist (via Trakt Manager), they will appear in My Movies for later watching. You're own personal movie queue. 
  • Search
    • This takes you to search for a specific movie or TV Show. After selecting Seach, next you'll need to choose Movies or TV Shows. Warning: If searching for a movie, you'll need to selecting Movies, otherwise you will get NO results if searching for a movie in TV Shows.
  • Movies by Year
    • A nice collection categorized by Year e.g. 2018, 2017, 2016, etc., when the movie came out.
  • Browse TV Shows
    • Many different ways to browse TV Shows e.g. New, Returning, by Genres, etc.
  • Recent Episodes
    • This queue presents episodes of shows that you have added to your Trakt watchlist that have aired within the last 2 - 3 weeks. It is like a rolling calendar, but for only shows that you are following.
  • Episode I'm On
    • This queue presents the next episode you haven't watched of TV shows that you are watching. The difference between "Recent Episodes" queue and "Episode I'm on, is "Recent Episodes" only shows episodes that aired within the last few weeks, while "Episode I'm on" presents your next episode regardless if the episode or show aired years ago.
Note: The favorites menu items are actually shortcuts into Neptune Rising. If you have issues playing a title, trying playing  it through a different addon, e.g. Placenta, Incursion, Genesis Reborn.

Search / Play Movies / Shows

  • There are several ways to go about searching for specific content, but the first and most basic way is outlined below.
  1. AOTV Home page > scroll down and select the Star (Favorites) icon. Favorite Icon
  2. Select Search > highlight and select Movies or TV Shows, depending on what you are searching for.
  3. Type in the name of the title and then select Done.
    • Correct spelling is important.
  4. A list of movies / shows will appear.Select the movie / show you want.
    • A list of streams will appear. You're system is set to take up to 18 seconds to search for streams. This can be adjusted longer or shorter; however, setting for longer is typically a much longer wait time for no increased benefit.
  5. Select a stream.
    • Some streams are faster, some are slower (and will buffer), some have subtitles, some won’t play. If I’m playing a stream that is doing a lot of buffering, I don’t waste time with it. I stop it, scroll down to and play another stream. Occasionally, much of the public is using the top streams, so it can be smarter to scroll down to some higher number streams.
  6. Typically a title will start in 5 – 15 seconds, but it can take up to 30 seconds.
    • Some streams are better than others, faster, or better quality.

Add Movies / Shows to My Movies / Watchlist

  • When browsing titles, you can add them to Trakt Manager > Add to Watchlist for later viewing. Technically this adds the title to a watchlist in Trakt / Neptune Rising and subsequently into "My Movies" and "My TV Shows" in your favorites menu.

  1. Locate and highlight a movie / show
  2. Press the Menu button for additional options Fire TV Menu Button
  3. Select Trakt Manager > Add to Watchlist
  4. Now from the AOTV home screen, you can access the Star (Favorite) icon Favorite Icon and select My Movies or My TV Shows, and your saved titles will be there.
    • Alternately, you can Menu click on a title and choose Trakt Manager > Remove from Watchlist to remove it.

How to change / add location of Weathe

  • You can add or change locations for the weather add-on. 
  1. From the AOTV home page, scroll to and select Weather.
  2. On your Fire TV remote, scroll left to open the hidden left menu.
    • (Image coming soon)
  3. Scroll to and select Settings.
  4. Scroll right and Selecting Settings under Service for weather information.
  5. Select Location 1, 2, etc., and input what locations you would like.

What is Placenta, Incursion, Genesis Reborn?

  • Neptune Rising is the main add-on for movies and TV shows. You’re favorites (star) icon is tied to Neptune Rising and gets its information from Neptune. When you select a title and "Trakt Manager > Add to Watchlist", and subsequently add to" My TV Shows" or "My Movies", techinically you are building a watchlist in Trakt, but it is shared across any addon that is plugged in to Trakt integration.. When you play titles from "My TV Shows" and "My Movies" they are actually playing from / through Neptune Rising. If you have trouble playing titles, try going directly to of the other add-ons.
  • Plecenta, Incursion, and Genesis Reborn are backup add-ons. If Neptune Rising ever goes down, simply go into these other addons to watch movies and TV shows. 

What is this pop-up, "To play this video, authorization is..." ?!?!


  • This is ok. Some streaming sites make their money from website traffic. The AOTV system bypasses this. In order to make up for it, the website asks that you visit them. You can just cancel and move to the next stream, or you can go to that website on a computer, phone, or tablet, (on the same Wifi) and then select "Pair" on the webpage. In fact, at times, you can obtain some very good streams.

Screen to big/small. Adjust it!

  • By default, All Out TV (AOTV) does not necessarily know your screen TV screen size and may need adjusting to fit perfectly for your viewing pleasure.
  1. From the AOTV home page, scroll to and select System
  2. Then scroll to and select Interface
  3. Skin should be highlighted by default, scroll to and select Zoom.
  4. From the two toggle arrows, adjust the percent up or down for your screen.
Adjust Screen
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Coming Soon
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