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All Out TV

The best entertainment center app ever! Watch all your favorite movies and TV Shows!


What is it?
We pre-configure an Amazon Fire TV stick with our exclusive set-up for only $100 (this includes the cost of the Fire Stick), one-time fee. We ship the configured Amazon Fire TV stick to you ready to go. Requires in-home high-speed Wi-Fi internet access.
Amazon Fire Stick

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Is it legal? How does it work?
This is absolutely legal. It is illegal to download and/or distribute copy written content. Our set up (and others like it) does not download or distribute anything. It intelligently scourers the Internet for already available content and streams it to your TV, and pretty much anything and everything is on the Internet, or available through the apps, services, or add-ons on the stick. Requires in-home high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access.

Browse movies and TV shows, add them to your queue to watch later, everything has a preview / trailer you can watch, keeps track of episodes you watched, see suggestions of other shows you WILL like based on what you are watching, and so much more.

Can I really save money?
Absolutely. Some people are paying over $200 a month in cable or satellite. Personally, Now I have my configured Amazon Fire TV, a digital Antenna for all my local channels in HD, my NetFlix, Hulu, and Prime on there. I went from paying $200 a month with a limited selection, to almost nothing month and able all my favorite movies and TV Shows.

You might have seen some Uber drivers with an All Out TV set up in their back seat, allowing passengers to search for and watch their favorite shows and movies. 99% of the time, the customers find exactly what they want to watch.

Where can I get one?
Right here. Just click the best option Buy Now button below!

Need a Set-up Fire Stick
$100 one-time fee, which includes the cost of the Fire Stick, setting up Kodi for you, and full testing before shipping. There is also a $7.50 charge for shipping and handling (total $107.50). Fast, easy, and we'll have the Fire Stick to you within just a few days.

Questions? Email: info@AllOutTV.com